February 7, 2016


Green trend drink from the Zen monks

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Healthy Sip in the Design District

Matcha has been the trend drink starting 2015, praised not only for its great taste but also for its superfood powers. The green tea powder has been served to Zen monks for centuries already but only recently made it to be a trendy drink in the USA and Europe. We have had Starbucks offering chai latte for quite long, this being a consistent warm drink of black tea, spices and steamed milk.

Now that we know the powers of Matcha, boosting metabolism, rich in fiber and vitamins lowing cholesterol and blood sugar among other superpowers, everyone is going nuts about this drink that is the healthier substitute for your regular coffee giving you the right kick of caffeine.

We have been trying out different matcha lattes in Helsinki and we came across this beautiful and unique florist café in the district of Punavuori in the Design District of Helsinki. At Andante you can have your guilt free moment with a delicious selection of raw cakes and snacks and their superstar artistic matcha latte freshly prepared on request as well as other teas and coffee selections.

One of our favorite places, the Florist-Café @andante_helsinki in the hip Punavuori neighbourhood located in the @designdistricthelsinki ! Most delicious matcha lattes we've tried by now. Perfectly balanced & sweetened 😉 #heleats #helsinki #visithelsinki #architecture #feelhelsinki #urban #ig_helsinki #finland #visitfinland #ourfinland #thisisfinland #ig_finland #traveling #travelling #travel #trip #local #tour #tourism #wanderlust #matcha #january #vsco #vscocam #travelblog #hipster #tourist #europe #backpacking #passionpassport

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A Florist Shop with a Twist

Andante has been a florist shop for well over a decade now, being well known to its locals, but now that it has been taken a step forward in the vibrant design neighborhood, the café is the perfect place to have a sip on a heartwarming drink and catch up with your friends or meet friendly locals. It’s also a quiet space for those who want to work on their computer and feel the creativity flowing.

Andante Coffee Shop


Whenever you’re in the Design District, either getting ready for your Design Walk or going out with your friends to catch up in this hip area of Helsinki remember there’s one quiet place that welcomes you with great smooth background music, delicious raw cakes, colorful flowers and excellent lattes or brunches with super attentive staff.

Story: Delicious Matcha Latte in the Design District Helsinki with a twist.
Location: Fredrikinkatu 20, 00120, Helsinki
Open: Mon 11-19:00, Thu-Fri 11-19:00, Sat-Sun 11-18:00


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