January 31, 2016

Food Photography

How to Improve Your Skills

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Rita Miklán

A professional photographer based in Helsinki. Her main focus is portrait and event photography – she likes to capture people in their environment, but she is also confident in a studio. Besides portraits she also loves food photography and gives workshops with the International Photo Center since 2012.


How to improve your food photography

If you have an instagram feed, you know that food photography is the new black. Since a few years you can’t simply have a coffee and a cake and just enjoy the ambiance – there is a need for sharing. Some do it with their phones, some do it with cameras, some even take their DSLR’s to ensure the best results. I’ve been guilty of all of this, and I know it was sometimes hard to sit through a family dinner without taking photos of all dishes.

For some lucky people, food photography is more than just a fun thing to do in between meals. There are food bloggers and photographers, like myself, who sometimes are hired to take photos for cafés and restaurants and that takes the whole thing to a new level. Now we worry about settings, and lighting, and style the plate to our best abilities. And then a trip to Stockmann becomes a hunt for props and you never look at a display of plates and wine glasses the same way again.

Photo by Rita Miklán

Photo by Rita Miklán

But how can we achieve the best results? There are a few things to consider:

1. Equipment

There is a saying which goes that the best photo equipment is the one that you have. I tend to partially agree with this statement, but of course there are some essentials that one can have that will take their photography to the next level.

2. Technique

And this comes with practice. If you already master your camera’s settings, there are other ways to improve. There are composition rules, lighting tricks, food styling and post processing to also learn for impeccable photos.

3. Lighting

This deserves a category on its own. Sure, we can achieve great results with natural light as well, but the possibilities for good lighting are almost endless.

4. Styling

One can start with props found in their own household. You don’t need to go crazy at first, but if you get addicted to food photography, I guarantee that you will.

5. Composition

It’s important to learn the rules – so you can break them later! The basic composition guidelines are great to follow in order to develop your own style in photography!

And last, but not least, have fun with food photography!

Photo by Rita Miklán

Photo by Rita Miklán

Want to learn more about food photography? International Photo Center and Rita are organizing food photography workshops and there is a special offer available for only 99EUR (150EUR normally) and on top of that you get 10% off by using code IPC_Food 02. Next workshop is on Sunday 6th of March. Register and pay here by Friday 25th of February.


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Photo by Rita Miklán

Photo by Rita Miklán