April 17, 2016

Foodoracle Taqueria El Rey

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Meet Bere, Hector and Luis

Foodora’s Foodoracle series gives us an opportunity to get to know the story behind interesting restaurants like Taqueria El Rey in Helsinki. It is cool Foodora decided to include a restaurant in Helsinki. Let us introduce to you the passionate people behind Taqueria El Rey. Bere, Hector and Luis, originally from Mexico, want to provide their guests authentic food and service. Bere and Hector are the ones behind the tacos in charge of the kitchen. Hector is the head chef and Bere is also known as the mom of the place making sure everything works perfectly. Luis takes care of the service and together these guys aim to provide amazing authentic experiences for their guests.

Team of Taqueria El Rey - photo by Foodora

Team of Taqueria El Rey – photo by Foodora

One of the Best Mexican Restaurants

When you step in to Taqueria El Rey you will be amazed how much the place feels like authentic taqueria. We couldn’t agree more with what the guys of Taqueria El Rey say: “What makes great food? Having great ingredients, but most importantly, lots of passion!” Just recently Taqueria El Rey was chosen as the best taco restaurant in Helsinki by local newspaper NYT. The article highlights simplicity, the right authentic size of the tacos and flavors being the key factors for success. Tagueria El Rey also serves artisan cocktails so we’d definitely recommend to try out one of those to go with your tacos.

Passion for tacos and artisan cocktails
Menu: Check here
Open: Tue – Sat 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 23:00
Home delivery:


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Foodoracle series by Foodora showcases different restaurants around the world. The restaurants represent current food trends like the rise of vegetarian and ethnic food like we forecasted as well earlier this year. There’s very interesting restaurants featured like Saints & Sinners which bring vegans and meat lovers to the same table. This would be something we’d like to see more in Helsinki.

In January we forecasted food delivery services like Foodora will become part of everyday lives of local people and that’s what’s happening right now. The entrance of Foodora to Helsinki has been a boost for local food culture making it easier for people to try out food from different places. Thanks Foodora for the co-operation. Together we can do so much more and spread the love of Helsinki food culture.

Photos by Foodora



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