March 29, 2016

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We just had our first private chef gig last week at #HelsinkiSecret Residence in a studio of Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments. Just like our chef Joona Lehto forecasted private chef dinners will be a growing trend this year and of course we want to ride along that wave. The opportunity for cooking at the #HelsinkiSecret residence bounced off as a spin off of our #HelsinkiSecret project. Main goal of both projects and for us in general is to promote local products, producers and tastes which makes this a perfect combination and partnership together with Visit Helsinki.

Thanks again for our amazing guests Laura, Lance, Jerry, Elisabeth, Kathrin and Kea. Or actually I think we all were the guests of the birthday girl Laura and Lance. This IG post shows pretty well how we rolled last week. The theme of the photo was 90s rap pose.

Kuva, jonka E l i s a b e t h Heinrichs (@helsinkidragonfly) julkaisi

Passion for local food

We ended up doing this private chef dinner at the residence by coincidence which ended up being so much fun. Me myself I haven’t been working in a restaurant for 5 years or so but I’ve worked as a waiter and bartender in few places in Helsinki. Joona though is a pro in the kitchen with experience from the top notch restaurants and also being a member of the Culinary Team Finland.

Joona had started preparations already the day before but I started the day of action by picking up some fresh bread from Anton & Anton and then we continued the day with grocery shopping at our preferred grocery store Stockmann Herkku. The variety of local and fresh products is great at Herkku and that combined to the central location and exceptional service makes Herkku our favorite place for grocery shopping. The fresh fish section is maybe the best in the city as well.

Grocery shopping earlier today @stockmanncom for a private chef dinner tonight at #HelsinkiSecret Residence 👍 #heleatsmenu #heleats #stockanherkku #visithelsinki

Kuva, jonka What Helsinki eats? (@heleats) julkaisi

After arriving at the Residence we started preparations Joona responsible for the food and me responsible for the other stuff and self catering. The residence itself was an interesting venue which made us be creative in terms of usage of space and how to arrange a long table to the studio. Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments staff was very kind helping us to get all the items we needed. Aallonkoti’s style fits perfectly our local concept with their Scandinavian design and Finnish dishes and cutlery from Iittala.

Aallonkoti #HelsinkiSecret Residence Kitchen

Aallonkoti #HelsinkiSecret Residence Kitchen

We were supposed to be serving a 3 course dinner with an amuse bouche but we got a little bit carried away and the number of dishes ended up being much more than that. You know you just need to have the wow factor included so the number of dishes was one of those things creating the wow. An unique item we also added to the dinner experience was inclusion of local design brand STUDIO smoo. Designer Marianne Huotari was too kind to lend us some buoy butter knifes, ceramic bowl and mugs.

We want to involve as many local companies and products in our projects but of course we need make the things work fluently. Thanks a lot for El Fant for borrowing us some plates. Did you know El Fant features also local products such as Good Life Coffee?


The menu was based on our #heleatsmenu concept. Using local products and producers in the dinner experience. This time it was not only the food but design as well with products from local designer Marianne Huotari from STUDIO smoo. All the basic groceries were bought from Stockmann Herkku grocery store. On top of that we had few local partners included. We got some fresh levain bread and wheat flake bread from Anton & Anton. White fish for the starter came from Åland, cheese for one of the amuses was Metsuri from Mouhijärvi’s Herkkujuustola and the main item for the dessert was made out of the natural yogurt of Helsingin Meijeriliike. Helsinki Wildfoods nettle herb salt was used in some of the dishes. Coffee served was from Good Life Coffee and tea from 123TEA Company from Helsinki.

STUDIO smoo and Anton and Anton

Anton & Anton Bread – STUDIO smoo ceramic bowl and buoy butter knife

Here’s the menu of the dinner:

Pickled kohlrabi, Metsuri-cheese by Herkkujuustola and salt cured egg yolk
Whitefish skin crisp, horseradish cream and rainbow trout roe
Celeriac soup with celeriac salt
Brown butter sauteed whitefish, sourmilk and cauliflower
Deer, roasted celeriac, marinated red onion and veal jus with red currant sauce
Helsingin Meijeriliike Yogurt parfait, lingonberry granola and caramel sauce
Lingonberry-caramel macaron

Below some more photos taken by phone of some of the dishes.

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche

Dessert, Good Life Coffee and 123TEA

Dessert, Good Life Coffee and 123TEA

And some more photos by Jerry.

It’s weird that last night was the first time I ate real Finnish food prepared by real chefs and not just home made food 😋. And I’m a Finn! This kind of casual fine dining was so relaxed yet so delicious! Had great company and spectacular flavours, so what more could you ask for 😄👍🏻. Thank you to all of the participants and especially the guys at @heleats @mveikko @lehtoofficial #heleats #helsinkisecret #helsinki #visithelsinki #nordicfood #finnishfood #casualfinedining #finedining #pakoarjestafood #bloglife #travelblog #travelblogger #matkablogi #matkabloggaaja #heleater

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You are always welcome to contact us if you’d like to experience the same in your event or just at home. Contact us at info(at)