August 19, 2015


Menu from Helsinki.

From Helsinki with Love

#heleatsmenu is made with love and partnership of 17 partners from Helsinki to promote local producers and products. #heleatsmenu was released on 18th of August when local producers, bloggers and food industry professionals gathered for an evening together. The menu consists of 6 dishes and all the main ingredients are local. The event included a special surprise when a new local microbrewery the Browery was released as well in the evening and the guests had an exclusive chance to be the first ones to try out their beer.

The Browery Apricot Saison

The Browery Apricot Saison – Photo By Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

It’s a kind of a funny story how the menu came alive. The idea for the #heleatsmenu started off from a dinner discussion of the Heleats founders in early spring 2015. They started thinking that there are so many local producers and products coming from Helsinki thus far so few people knows anything about them. They came up with an idea of a menu featuring only products coming from Helsinki. The idea at first was just to go to a grocery store and shop the ingredients and products which would be used and then cook the menu at home, take some photos and publish an article on Great idea and it would’ve been just fine to do it like that and give some visibility for the local products and producers.

One could say luckily the idea did not go to production immediately. With the idea on the back of their minds for couple of months the other of the Heleats founders met the Wine Bro Joel Pakalén from Five Points Brothers by accident and he loved the idea and after that moment there was no way getting out of the project without a bigger event. Heleats teamed up with Five Points Brothers which produces events, food and beer and the skills this family has were very much welcomed to the project. After meeting with the Xchef Bro Miki Puikkonen in May 2015 the #heleatsmenu project was fully kicked off.

Xchef Bro Miki Puikkonen

Xchef Bro Miki Puikkonen – Photo By Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

The Power of Partnership

Heleats as the creator and project manager and Five Points Brothers in charge of the operational side were working hard in the evenings during the summer getting all the partners along to the project while working on the menu and event planning. A total of 17 partners ended up taking part of the project from small companies such as 3 Kaverin Jäätelö and STUDIO smoo as well as larger companies such as Stockmann and Vallila. The project was on a non profit basis.

After some negotiations we agreed with Kellohalli to use their teaching kitchen and venue for events Flavour Studio located at Teurastamo. Flavour Studio is a perfect place for people to get together over some great flavours. The venue itself is an experience and Helsinki and flavours are on a spotlight.

#heleatsmenu Flavour Studio

#heleatsmenu Flavour Studio – Photo by Antti / Heleats


The menu features pure tastes and for example no black pepper is used. The menu is designed by Five Points Brothers Xchef Bro Miki Puikkonen. The Browery’s first beer Apricot Saison was served throughout the menu excluding the dessert. As an aperitif we wanted to serve trending local tastes including coffee and taste from the current Gin & Tonic trend in the city. The event started of with a Kaffatonic made out of Kaffa Roastery Cold Brew and Tonic Water. Refresher between the first and the second dish was a granite made out of Soda Co. HKI Señor Lemon soda. HKI Mojito to go with the dessert was made out of the same soda. Coffee for the menu was provided by Good Life Coffee especially known for their high quality and innovative packaging design. Bread was provided by a new bakery GreenBake which is specialized in slow baking and gourmet bread.

Vendace from Ekströmin Kalapuoti, Blackcurrant and Cauliflower


Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Soda Co. HKI Granite

#heleatsmenu-Soda Co. HKI Granite - Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Vaelsa Pasta Factory Pestopasta, Kale and Carrot Leaves

#heleatsmenu-Vaelsa Pasta Factory, Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Roslund’s Lamb, Beer and Parsnip

Roslund Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Helsingin Meijeriliike Hakaniemi and Linnunlaulu with Gooseberry Compote


#heleatsmenu-Helsingin Meijeriliike Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Jädelino Liqorice and Peanut Ice Cream with Rhubarb and Yoghurt

Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Solid Ground and Design

We were happy to get all of the basic groceries from Stockmann Herkku grocery store which has an excellent selection and plenty of local products available. Interior decoration was provided by Helsinki’s very own well known home textile company Vallila Interior. A Helsinki based Finnish design brand STUDIO smoo provided us a few unique pieces to be used in the event such as Poiju butter knives and mugs.

Poiju by STUDIO smoo - Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Poiju Butter Knife by STUDIO smoo – Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

We had a chance to try out the flavours of the menu on Restaurant Day 16th August where our main products were made out of 3 Kaverin Liqorice Ice Cream, GreenBake Bread and Chef Wotkin’s Lamb Raw Sausage. A total of around 50 people tested the flavours and we gained some valuable feedback. Recipe of our Restaurant Day menu is available here and more info about the event here.

Attractive Culinary Destination

The event went well and we were very pleased with the attendance of the event. A total of 26 persons participated and all had one thing in common; love for local food. Unlike in many events where people don’t know each other Flavour Studio was filled with loud discussion and laughter. We got a lot of good feedback about the project, food and the event itself. We are looking forward to see how well we are able to spread the love of #heleatsmenu and what will come next.

#heleatsmenu project was one baby step towards Helsinki being a better known culinary destination and promoting local producers and products. We still have a lot of work to do to make sure local people are aware of all of the great products and producers we have locally. By being proud of what we have and showing it to the world helps us to increase visibility of Helsinki as culinary destination. Working on this matter is crucial and going forward we are open to all kind of partnerships in order to make our home city more attractive and delicious place to visit.

We want thank all of the partners involved in this project as well as the guests at the dinner event. We also want to thank Haaga-Helia and especially Haaga unit for their support.

Markus and Joel - Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brotohers

Joel and Markus – Photo by Jani Osmo / Five Points Brothers

Heleats & Five Points Brothers
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