May 23, 2016

Helsinki Secret

Food is the best kept #HelsinkiSecret

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Markus Veikkolainen


We have partnered with Visit Helsinki to showcase all the delicious products coming from Helsinki. We think food is the best kept #HelsinkiSecret. Since early February 2016 we’ve been providing a local grocery bag for the guests of #HelsinkiSecret Residence to enjoy during their stay in Helsinki. The grocery bag includes Finnish and most importantly local items. This is a perfect way to introduce our great local food products and producers for our guests. What would be a better way to explore local culture than food?

Welcome to Helsinki! Use #heleats to tell the world what Helsinki eats.


Local Grocery Bag

We are happy to partner with so many great local producers and companies to make this food experience happen. Big thanks goes to everyone involved with this project. Our main partners are Nord-TGood Life Coffee, Goodio Chocolate, Helsinki WildfoodsSoda Co. Hki and Stockmann Herkku grocery store. Also including seasonal items from time to time from other local producers. All these companies are from Helsinki. We wanted the bag to include as many local products as possible. Of course not all of the items are coming from Helsinki but we try to keep it as local and Finnish as possible. Let us introduce to you our amazing partners that made up the core of the grocery bag.


Loose leaf tea with pure tastes from Scandinavia

Nord-T provides tea for the guests. It is not just some tea it is tea with Nordic super powers. Roots in Helsinki, Nord-T is creating loose leaf tea blends with pure tastes from Scandinavia.

Where can I get some? Many places in Helsinki, more info here




High quality, honest and uncompromising coffee
#goodlifecoffee #avoidbadlife

Good Life Coffee is the coffee provider as one could guess from the name. Good Life Coffee’s idea of good coffee is simple: carefully selected high­grade beans combined with precise procedures and a no­bullshit take on roasting and brewing. Instead of a well­trimmed romantic re­enactment of the artesian 19th century, their coffee is bang on the now. Honest and uncompromising.

Where can I get some? Good Life Coffee Cafe in Kallio.


Handmade raw and organic chocolates

Goodio provides raw chocolate for the guests. Goodio organic and raw chocolates are handmade in their little chocolate factory in Helsinki.

Where can I get some? Webshop or Stockmann Herkku grocery store.


Delicious and nutritious wild foods

Helsinki Wildfoods provides something sweet and salty for the guests. The Northern summer filled with light 24/7, the chilly polar night and the unspoiled nature of ours create a unique growth environment for delicious and nutritious wild foods. Helsinki Wildfoods is at the core of sustainable development and trendy diets: nutritional values are top notch and the carbon footprint is low.

Where can I get some? Webshop


Soda made of natural ingredients

Soda Co. HKI provides naturally some soda for the guests. Taste a bottle of natural soda made by the smallest soda factory in Finland. Soda Co. HKI sodas are produced from natural ingredients such as Finnish strawberries and fresh lemons. Some preservatives are added to ensure the shelf life, but besides that the products do not contain any additives, colorants or flavor enhancers. Behind Soda Co. HKI: Two dudes from Helsinki, Finland with a passion for great beverages. We believe the best sodas are produced with natural ingredients and made with love.

Where can I get some? Anton & Anton or Johan & Nyström


A grocery store with excellent selection of local products

Stockmann Herkku provides basic groceries to accompany all the great local products included. The groceries from Stockmann Herkku include items such as local Helsingin Meijeriliike cheese, Finnish berries and much more. Most of the products of our grocery bag can be bought from Stockmann Herkku. The grocery store is a local favorite with a great selection and especially lots of local products.

Where can I get some? The Stockmann department store and Herkku are located in the very heart of the city Aleksanterinkatu 52, 00100 Helsinki.


Other items included in the grocery bag are for example yogurt and cheese from Helsingin Meijeriliike, Finnish berries and many more. We will feature seasonal products also part of the grocery bag such as Easter related delicacies and ice cream in the summer. Stockmann Herkku is the main provider of the other grocery items.


Slow baking, gourmet and organic bakery products

GreenBake provides bakery products such as bread or cinnamon rolls for the guests. Natural pure flavors are important for Greenbake. An interesting thing about GreenBake is that their main ingredient is time since they focus on slow baking.

Where can I get some?




Passion for Raw Porridge

Delicious and healthy raw porridge made with love. Traditionally Finns have eaten a lot of porridge but not everyone loves it. This is something Puurola aims to change and make their porridge part of the everyday life of locals. Perfect for breakfast, snack or a light lunch.

Where can I get some? M-Market Tullinpuomi or Kaartin Kotikauppa


Sweet and salty choux

The Choux Company provides excellent sweet pastry for the guests. The Choux company idea is to serve trendy, exciting and fresh preparations with a good touch of modern service.

Where can I get some?

The Choux Company

The Choux Company


We are happy to include more local partners in the project. If you are a local producer willing to feature your product as part of the grocery bag or some other local willing to participate somehow just contact us and let’s discuss the opportunities. info(a)

#HelsinkiSecret Residence

Visit Helsinki welcomes international bloggers and social influencers to experience Helsinki like a local. Aallonkoti Hotel Apartments by the Töölönlahti Bay will be their home while in Helsinki. The individual bloggers will stay in Helsinki from 3 to 6 days and the #HelsinkiSecret Residence is hosting guests until the end of year 2016. We hope this amazing opportunity helps us, Helsinki and locals become more popular internationally so we can attract more and more visitors to experience Helsinki and of course the tasty eats. This is also a great opportunity for local products to gain international attention.

For more information go here. Fact sheet here.