November 1, 2015

Home Delivery Arrived to Helsinki

Ordering food to home or office has never been easier

Home Delivery from your Favourite Restaurant

Behind are the days when you were only able to order pizza or kebab to home. Since this summer there have been couple of companies delivering any kind of food to homes and offices in Helsinki. Foodora team has been the one you’ve probably seen the most on the streets riding their pink delivery bikes. Foodora is for everyone while the other companies are operating with a slightly different concept. Deli Piste is focusing on catering the businesses and events and has their own chefs and they cook the food by themselves.

The Berlin bound Foodora is currently operating in Helsinki city center and surroundings delivering lunch and dinner from about 70 restaurants. All heleaters get free delivery by using code heleats in November on Foodora.

Kuva, jonka Foodora Suomi ( julkaisi

Easy and convenient

We’ve tried out Foodora couple of times and we like the concept. Eat almost whenever you want and whatever you want. We did a test sponsored by Foodora last week and enjoyed a relaxed dinner with friends. We submitted our order around 3pm for 6pm delivery to Töölö. It said on the website when we made our order that it would be delivered between 6 to 6.30pm. Surprisingly the food arrived already at 5.55pm so 5 minutes early. We had the dinner date planned in advance so it was easy to order the food we wanted at the time we wanted. You can of course order food ad hoc and Foodora promises to deliver within 30 minutes. The order and payment was easy to make on their website with PayPal or credit card.

The food we ordered was from Premium Street Food joint Street Gastro Kallio including sandwiches, couple of side salads and soda. Sandwiches were fresh and tasty and Kale-Caesar Salad was just like you would imagine a regular Caesar salad pimped up with Kale. As you can see from the photos the sandwiches are not the most photogenic items and those had been hit a little bit during the delivery. That was forgiven since the taste was great.

Sandwich from Street Gastro

Sandwich from Street Gastro

Food delivery services makes Helsinki a little bit better culinary city. We want to encourage all you heleaters to try out Foodora and by using code heleats you get free delivery within November. You can order via Foodora website or their mobile apps which are available on App Store and Google Play.

Your favourite restaurant at your door steps
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