February 15, 2018

It is summer time at Restaurant Natura

Restaurant Natura has prepared a summer menu to warm up the minds and bodies of people in Helsinki.

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Restaurant Natura is serving warm summer vibes now during the coldest time of the year in Helsinki. The menu includes hand picked ingredients from the nature like rhubarb and sorrel from June, strawberries from July, bilberries from August and mushrooms from September. 

Owner of the restaurant Mr. David Alberti tells naturally the availability of fresh local ingredients is very little during the cold winter months. Luckily preservation, fermentation and drying are great opportunities here up north which enables enjoying amazing summer flavors also during the winter time. 

The first guests who have tried out the delicious new dishes of the summer menu have especially enjoyed the oyster with rhubarb from David’s own garden. Another favorite has been the beetroot in which both beetroot and raspberry are coming from the own garden. Rhubarb-basil GT and strawberry-basil negroni have been the favorite cocktails.

Food and wine pairing is just simply amazing with the desserts with some excellent unique wines. Beetroot mousse, rhum pickled sour cherries from Inkoo, dark chocolate dessert is to die for combined with an interesting Danish sweet wine made out of sour cherries and matured in French oak for at least a year. This Danish wine house Frederiksdal sweet wine coming from Lolland area has been established by Harald Krabbe whose mission since 2006 has been to make the world’s best cherry wine from the best sour cherries coming from Lolland area in Southern Denmark.

”Frozen Yogurt 2013” or also known as “the snow dish” is combined with Bigaró produced by Elio Perrone from Piemonte, Italy. The wine has been produced since 2001 ja Elio Perrone is the only producer producing this type of wine. The word Bigaró means combining 2 colors and as you probably would have guessed this wine is combining white Moscato and red Brachetto grape.

The summer menu will be available until March 11.

Restaurant Natura
Iso Roobertinkatu 11
00120, Helsinki
+358 40 689 1111