September 10, 2015

Let’s Talk About Beer

This is a guest article by the BeerBro Juha Teerimäki / The Browery Helsinki

Bubbling Under

The global era of craft beer is also flowing through the bar and drinking culture of Helsinki. Many enthusiastic beer lovers have started their own breweries or use the gypsy brewing method and brew their own recipes in already existing breweries. Several local microbreweries have been born in the last two years. Their products are increasing in quality, becoming really good and wonderfully distinctive. You can see that beer has been liberated from its box that described it as a dull and unimaginative liquid with a sole purpose of making you drunk. Now that beer is free from its rusty shackle’s it is extremely competitive alternative drink for wine as it can be more easily combined with food and the beer varieties are amazing. The development of beer culture brings about a positive change to alcohol usage, a change to a way that is actually very natural for us Finns given our history before prohibition. Beer has a long history in Finland and we have huge variety of ingredients that we have used and we should use, like I said it is very natural.

I have always been very interested in beers and their production, not to forget enjoying them. It has been really great thing to see how beer culture has evolved and continues to evolve. Beer is a very multilayered subject and it has so much interesting things in it and outside of it. Whether you are living in Finland or in Peru or if you are a beer geek or normal consumer you can always find aspects of beer to talk about. You can say it connects people because it is common everywhere in every social class – so go out and get to know different cultures and people through the connecting force of craft beer! And if you don’t have any other topics to chat about weather, try beer.

I have found that the atmosphere among local microbreweries is open and helpful even though the competition is fierce. For example our, Browery Helsinki, brewery’s first beer, Apricot Saison, was made in cooperation with one of Finland’s pioneering microbreweries Mustiala King’s Manor Brewery. In Mustiala I have enjoyed to get to know more microbreweries like VBS (Viikki Brewing Society), which is ran by a student beer club. Also one interesting brewery that I was pleased to get to know and from which we will surely to hear a lot is Planbeer. One inspiring brewery from Helsinki is Donut Island Brewing. What can I say, all the cooperation and advice has been extremely important and warm. It has been really nice to find out that Helsinki has those good vibes in beer scene also!



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Today one cannot fail to notice the debate that is bubbling around alcohol. It looks like it is always an issue here. I think you can sum it up to this: Would it already be time to let people strive in business and live and enjoy freely without mistrust from the government? Beer culture can provoke a healthy curiosity towards flavours, which can then also spread to other areas also. It might lead a way to different alcohol usage. We yearn for new ways and ideas to develop this culture and many new things start in cities like Helsinki.

The local beers in Helsinki are becoming more and more confident and experimental. Breweries are also using local ingredients and finding new combinations to make them more Finnish and unique. We have already seen what can happen if young Finnish entrepreneurs in restaurant, brewing or distilling business start just doing and believing in their own thing. Few to mention you can look up these bad asses like Kyrö Distillery, Sori Brewing and an idea that spread globally from Helsinki called Restaurant Day. These kinds of ideas will be noticed by tourists and after that words will spread over our high borderlines. Then who knows if the small country in north is the place to be.

When you think about local beers from different points of views than just alcohol content you can find out how natural and healthy thing it is. It is a part of life and in life you enjoy simple things like your beer with good people and food. Let yourself discover new and funky beers, ideas and people. It is fun and educational and when I ask you for a pint say why not!

Isn’t it just for the health you raise a glass and say cheers!?
…So remember the power of language and local beer of course
Terveydeksi, kippis, santé, cheers, skool, na zdorovie, slàinte, terviseks, prost, skål, salut, kanpai, ziveli, toast, prieka………….


Juha Teerimäki
BeerBro / The Browery Helsinki

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