January 31, 2016

Piece ‘n’ Love Pizza

Not an Italian Pizzeria

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Unusual Pizza

Piece ‘n’ Love Restaurant is part of our new restaurants series. Piece ‘n’ Love Restaurant is a combination of a pizzeria and a cocktail bar. In only a short period of time the pizzas of Piece ‘n’ Love have been a hot topic among locals. The interesting thing about the pizza is that it has nothing to do with traditional Italian Pizza and still the locals seem to love the pizzas. Like Piece ‘n’ Love tells on their website: “We’re not afraid to admit that our pizzas have nothing to do with traditional Italian pizzas. We don’t use traditional 00 flour. We don’t toss our dough (we simply can’t – our dough is far too delicate for that). We don’t use traditional tomato sauce (as a matter of fact we don’t use tomato sauce at all – we use our own white sauce). And our crust isn’t a traditional Italian crust either. It’s… well, let’s just say you won’t find many leftovers on the plates!” You just need to go and try out the pizza yourself before you can judge Piece ”n’ Love.

Story: Unique pizzas made of hard work, testing, and love
Location: Uudenmaankatu 9, 00120 Helsinki
Open: Mon – Fri dinner,
Sat and Sun lunch and dinner
Menu: here


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Story of Piece ‘n’ Love

The story sounds a bit vague and makes you think is this really possible. I can tell you yes it is after visiting Piece ‘n’ Love. In the summer of 2014, the founder and chef of Piece ‘n’ Love, Lotten was having a bbq party with friends and family while she had run out of tomatoes of any kind. Still they wanted to make some pizza which made them think outside the box. They had crème fraîche in the fridge which made them think why not try out a white pizza. As you probably know white pizza includes no tomato sauce and instead has a white sauce. The pizzas were an huge success among the group of friends at the bbq party.

Little by little Lotten’s pizzas got more and more popular and she had always dreamt of opening up her own restaurant. She didn’t want to risk the concept without testing it on a larger scale so then she got an opportunity to open up a more or less a pop up take away restaurant. The concept sounds like it would’ve been in the movies but Lotten actually started having pizza Friday kind of restaurant based in an old gas station property between cities Porvoo and Loviisa. People had to make orders in advance and Lotten delivered pizzas on Fridays. This was a great way to test the concept and cater the hungry ones on Fridays.

Not long after this Lotten got a chance to open up a summer restaurant in the new summer playground Hernesaaren Ranta in Helsinki. Hernesaaren Ranta attracted lots of people during summer 2015 so it was a perfect place to serve and continue testing the white pizza. The great feedback received, hard work and testing in 2014 and 2015 made Piece ‘n’ Love Restaurant come alive. Together with a great team Lotten got an opportunity to open an actual restaurant to Helsinki city center late November 2015.

Piece 'n' Love Restaurant Interior

Piece ‘n’ Love Restaurant Interior

Finnish Pizza Experience

We had a pleasure to visit Piece ‘n’ Love Restaurant already in December. The place is run by a lovely Lotten who you can most often find in the kitchen. She is passionate, dedicated and hard working person as what we learned while having a conversation with her. One could say she is a perfect example of an entrepreneur and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in a tough business like running a restaurant and coming from totally another industry.

Piece ‘n’ Love is located within walking distance from nearly anywhere in the city center and for example it takes only 5 min from Stockmann’s. The restaurant space is simple and makes you feel comfortable. We were happy to see the menu includes both option for vegetarians and vegans as well. We tried out regular pizzas and a vegan one. The pizzas were priced between 14 and 17EUR which is more or less a price of a gourmet pizza in the city center. Though according to Lotten they want to place themselves between the standard pizza places and gourmet pizzerias. The pizzas were pretty much as described not too fancy but enough carefully made to stand out. We were three guys trying out the pizzas and all loved the pizzas. Yes the pizzas were different as of what you would regularly eat but in a good way. Special mention goes to the tasty sauce of the vegan pizza. As they say the crust is different and it was thicker than usually. Some of us liked the thicker crust and some preferred traditional one.

Piece 'n' Love Vegan Pizza

Piece ‘n’ Love Vegan Pizza

Piece ‘n’ Love is definitely a great addition to Helsinki restaurant and pizza scene. Not only offering a refreshingly different pizzas but because of their warm service as well. Piece ‘n’ Love will be at Hernesaaren Ranta also next summer serving their delicious pizzas cooked on a Big Green Egg grill.

This article is sponsored by Piece ‘n’ Love. Opinions are my own. 

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