May 19, 2015

Taste of Helsinki Eats 2015

4 days, 10 restaurants and 35 dishes.

Restaurants and menus

Soon the biggest culinary event of Helsinki is here. Taste of Helsinki takes place mid-June 11. – 14.6.2015 in Helsinki city center. Most of the 10 restaurants come from Helsinki while there are interesting additions from Tampere (Bertha), Maarianhamina (Smakbyn Åland) and the trending Kaskis from Turku. Matti Jämsen “the Bocuse d’Or chef” treats the visitors with his pop-up restaurant. Here you have the restaurants and the menus of course.


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Kuva, jonka Taste of Helsinki (@tasteofhelsinki) julkaisi

STORY: Honest cooking from glocal kitchen
rye, pork, onion 5mk
beef, dill, cauliflower 6mk
pork, chocolate, beef 5mk

STORY: Local Scandinavian specialized in bread
Onion consomme, gruyère cheese mousse and yeast bread 5mk (v)
Smoked beef tartar 6mk
“Burnt rainbow trout, potatoes, sour cream and malt bread 6mk
Iced kefir, strawberries and honey bread 5mk 


Kuva, jonka Live to eat, love to eat! (@andalusianauringossa) julkaisi

STORY: European – Honest bistro style cooking
Crème Ninon with squid 5mk
Rapeseed pork ribs with chipotle 6mk
Emo’s “Tiramisu” 5mk

STORY: Heart warming Japanese food from Kobe, Kansai area

Salmon sashimi with Japanese plum and cucmber salad 5mk

Ginger and ginger with miso sauce 6mk
Kouji malt beef with cold-soba noodle and wasabi sauce 6mk
Avocado Tempura 5mk (v)


Kuva, jonka Anne P. (@52weeksofdeliciousness) julkaisi

STORY: Three young lads having fun while serving excellent food
Rawpickled salmon, smoked salmon mousse, archipelago bread and dill-buttermilk sauce 6mk
Slowly braised pork belly, bbq-sauce, season potatoes and spring onion 6mk
Currant leaf, cream cheese and white chocolate 5mk

STORY: Pop-up restaurant by the Bocuse d’Or chef of Finland
Toast skagen, horseradish and cucumber 5mk
Deep-fried juniper seasoned chicken leg and spruce “Bocuse d’Or 2015” 6mk
Grilled leek, Finnish “Keisarin” cheese and marinated onion 6mk (v)
Strawberries and milk á la Matti 5mk

STORY: Refreshing mix of Peruvian, East Asian and Spanish Kitchen with great cocktails
Pastor’s casa ceviche 5mk
Pulpo Al Olivo – Confit octopus, crispy olive potato cake, miso mayonnaise 6mk
Mejilla – Tamarind glazed veal cheek, spiced quinoa salad 6mk

STORY: Italian traditions with Scandinavian ingredients

Char grilled swordfish w/ anchovy aioli and roasted Pecorino 6mk
Tender braised lamb neck w/ lamb sausage and mustard polenta
6mk Liqourice mousse w/ marinated fennel and lemon ice cream 5mk
Breads&Spreads 5mk (v) 


Kuva, jonka Hanna Hurtta (Pilli-Sihvola) (@soppahanna) julkaisi

STORY: Local tastes originally from the best summer city of Porvoo
Haugesund – Herring from Haugesund, new potatoes and brown butter 5mk
Gurka – Cold cucumber mint soup 5mk (v)
Wallenberg – Veal patty, mashed peas and brown butter 6mk
Porvoo-HKI Profiterole, white chocolate mousse and raspberry sorbet 5mk

STORY: Always something good, new and innovative from Ahvenanmaa
Local lightly pickled perch, white fish roe and dill mayonnaise 5mk
Lamb from Åland with root vegetables and bacon, creamy thyme sauce and wild onion oil 6mk
Smakbyn’s vanilla creme, chocolate and apple compote with spirits from our distillery 5mk

Markka is the currency at Taste of Helsinki (1mk=1eur). You can exchange markka at the bank of Taste of Helsinki onsite. More info about the event here

Have a look how did the last year’s event look like from the link below by Helsinki expert Kathrin Deter. – Taste of Helsinki: A celebration of food 

Featured image by Ville Malja / Visit Helsinki