July 31, 2015

Dinner Everywhere

6.8.2015. Set a table outside with white table cloth and invite friends and new acquaintances to join the party.


Dinner everywhere is an interesting concept riding on the wave of sharing economy. The main organizer of the event is Yhteismaa, a non profit organization which inspires and spices up social city culture. On the day of Dinner Everywhere anyone can set up a dinner table anywhere under the sky; in the park or by the sea, you name it. The key is the enjoy good food and company outside and of course have fun.

Wining and dining under the sky while having fun
Location: Everywhere in Helsinki
Time: Thursday 6th August from 7pm until 10pm
@yhteismaa #helsingintaivaanalla (under the sky of Helsinki)


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how to find you and what to do

It is not about a strict etiquette but why not do it with style once you do it. Real heleaters set up a very nice table with proper dishes and cutlery. The looks supplements the taste and the whole experience. There are no restrictions regarding the location but it is always good to think of the other people and their privacy. A dinner table can host up to 50 persons and one park or street up to 100 people. Most importantly clean up your own trash and use the white table cloth.

On Thursday 6th of August you will see happy people dining and wining around the city. The most popular places seem to include waterfront locations such as Pitkänsillanranta in Hakaniemi and Eiranranta and surroundings. You recognize the dining parties from a white table cloth covering the table. Anyone planning to set up a table should go and add your location for the event here. Below all the locations:

#illallinentaivaanalla (dinner under the sky)


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Featured image by Lauri Rotko / Visit Helsinki