June 13, 2016

Taste of Helsinki 2016

Fine dining food festival

Story: Taste of Helsinki brings the top eats of Finland available for everyone
Location: Kansalaistori, 00100 Helsinki
About the Festival
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Taste of Helsinki dish

Once again it´s time for the funniest food festival of the year. Great people, beautiful food, good wines, relaxed cooking school and competitions. You could not ask for more fun. The event even has its own currency: Markka. You can change your money to Markkas in the festival area. 1 Markka equals 1 Euro. You can exchange your money in the Taste of Helsinki bank which is located in the festival area.

This year ten top notch restaurants with total of 39 dishes take action in Taste of Helsinki just a 5 minutes walk from the main railway station. The restaurants are selected mostly from Helsinki area, but there are few exceptions like Bistro O mat from Kirkkonummi and Ö from Tallinn.

Like always organic and local ingredients are highly represented on the menu. Summer in Finland is short and now is the time to enjoy it by using lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. There is also The Taste Wine Pavilion which offers a wide variety of different beverages from five great importers. Foodies heaven on earth.

The event also includes cooking schools, music and wine tasting but biggest show of the event must be the friendly match up between the culinary olympic teams of Finland and Sweden. Finnish chefs were victorious at last years event. Let´s see how it goes this year.

You can buy tickets to the event from here

THU 16.6. 11-15 and 17-23
FRI 17.6. 11-15 and 17-23
SAT 18.6. 11-15 and 17-23
SUN 19.6. 11-16


STORY: Nature inspired organic food
Charred Organic Salad from Ahlberg Farm, Vendace Roe & Chives -6mk
Grilled Organic Pork from Skogsjö, Parsnip & Mustard -6mk
Cream of Organic Elderflower & Red Summer Berries -5mk
Signature dish
Organic Mushrooms & Rice “The Legendary Forest of Ask” -9mk

STORY: Combination of Skandinavian and French bistro
Gin cured salmon with organic root vegetable crisps and pickled mustard seeds -6mk
Pike burger Vol.2 -6mk
”Lehtikuohu” sabayon with strawberry salad and liquorice meringue -5mk
Signature dish
Grilled shrimps, goat cheese, lettuce and grilled garlic bread -9mk

STORY: tasty, focused, plant-based and inspiring food that concentrates on high-quality ingredients
PLANT- Fermented buckwheat bread, brown butter, potato salad and lovage (v) -6mk
MEAT- Burnt and caramelized onions with salted pork, wheat and smoked bone marrow sauce -6mk
WILD- Parfait flavoured with spruce shoot vinegar, spruce shoot caramel and rye -5mk
Signature dish
Dry aged beef with garlic mustard, cabbage and acidulated creme fraiche -10mk

STORY:  Nordic cuisine combined with local ingredients
“Roskakala” Rough fish croquette with pea soup, horseradish and herb salad -6mk
“Sikala” Glased pork neck and crispy pork ear with smoked lemon broth and nettles -6mk
“Herukkapensas” Currant leaf foam, roasted white chocolate and sour cream ice cream -5mk
Signature dish
“Lapinkobe” Cold smoked Jerusalem artichokes with lovage and rye whisky seasoned Lappish beef- house malt bread with brown butter -10mk

STORY: High quality modern nordic cuisine without forgetting its Finnish roots
Pike tempura with pickled cucumber and horseradish sour cream -5mk
Cherry smoked rib of beef, potato and red onion -6mk
Kolmon3ns sweet mess -6mk
Signature dish
Beetroot and kohlrabi open burger (v) -8mk

STORY: Traditional French cuisine
Parmesan risotto, helix escargots and parsley jus -6mk
Hare croquette and dijonnaise -6mk
White gazpacho, fresh salad and roasted almonds (v) -5mk
Signature dish
Charcuterie: Home made cold cuts and pickles -10mk

STORY: Traditional mix of Peruvian and Japanese flavors
Ceviche De La Remolacha – Roasted beetroot, golden beet and candy striped beetroot, cashew nuts (v) -6mk
Chipirones – Crispy fried tiny squids, aioli, fermented chili, spring onion and chili -6mk
Leche Frita – Coconut and yuzu seasoned “crispy milk”, lychee -5mk
Signature dish
Pluma à la Pastor – Grilled pork pluma, corn salsa, chimichurri and crispy corn -7mk

STORY: Modern Scandinavian bistro
Gazpacho “Virgin Mary” with tomato salsa (v) -6mk
Roasted Salmon, Avocado Creme &  Radish -6mk
Braised Rhubarb, Roasted White Chocolate & Yogurt Mousse -5mk
Signature dish
Sinne’s BBQ-chicken, Peas & Mint -8mk

STORY: Italian dishes with a Finnish shade
Rainbow trout, dill and peas -6mk
Lamb from Ahvenanmaa, eggplant and garlic -6mk
Milk chocolate pudding, cacao crumble, mint-yogurt sorbet and strawberries -5mk
Signature dish
Arancini and pesto (v) -6mk

STORY: Estonian cuisine with Nordic twist
Salt baked organic celeriac, caramelized butter and whey sauce, celery leaves (v) -6mk
Rhubarb compote, Sorrel and spruce shoot, buckwheat crumble -6mk
Signature dish
Salted elk meat from Saaremaa, black garlic sauce, ramson stems, cladonia -8mk

Taste of Helsinki burger

All photos by Jarno Jussila