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Restaurant Day

Restaurant Day every day

Restaurant Day is every day

Restaurant business is sexy and Helsinki already has a few celebrity chefs so to say. Restaurant Day used to be an opportunity for everyone to open up a pop-up restaurant on a dedicated day couple of times a year and be the chef themselves. It took five years and now the official Restaurant Day is once a year on the 3rd Saturday of May. Not everyone knows but Restaurant Day can actually be any given day. People can put together a pop up restaurant at any time and date and there’s no need to ask for permission.

Restaurant Day concept is founded by individual local people from Helsinki to have fun with friends anywhere in the city while experiencing some new flavours. Here we will tell you the the basics about Restaurant Day and share tips for opening up your own restaurant.

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Restaurant Day is a Feast of Food

Have you ever dreamt of having your own restaurant or a café? Restaurant day offers you a chance to be a restaurateur for one day. It provides a great opportunity to try out your very own concept or just share the love of your cupcakes made with a secret family recipe. Sure thing you can just go and enjoy the creations of the people of your local community.

Restaurant day is the world’s largest feast of food held 4 times a year. The first restaurant day was in 2011 in Finland. Since then restaurant day has changed the culinary landscape in Helsinki. Until now the food loving event has spread all around the world with 73 countries so far. The day is all about having fun with friends, family and new acquaintances while enjoying good food. The event is based on individual volunteers. All restaurateurs are responsible for their own cooking and service. Heleats recommends Esplanad Park and Ruttopuisto in Helsinki city centre if you wish to experience the day easily. In those locations there are usually several food stands available and any type of food you can imagine.



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How to Open Your Own Pop-Up Restaurant

Opening up a pop-up cafe or restaurant is quite easy. It only requires some cooking or baking skills and planning in advance. Of course it is also good to have a nice team with you. Most importantly remember to have fun. Your restaurant may be inside or outside, you could only serve limited number of people by table reservation or something for everyone until your offering runs out. Restaurant day is for everyone and as said anyone can do it just for fun or testing your business idea. You need no permits and also companies can participate. If you operate your restaurant as a company just remember to pay the relevant taxes etc. We think it is perfectly ok for companies to participate since they can easily test new items for the menu or even totally new concepts. Did you know it is allowed to have restaurant day any day of the year if you want so?

Follow these steps to open your pop-up restaurant.

9 Steps for Opening a Pop-Up Restaurant

1. Team up with friends
2. Decide your concept and product
3. Start marketing activities, follow the 6 steps below
4. Start planning well in advance and make a plan
5. Think through the day of action, who does what and is everything covered
6. Choose an easily accessible location
7. Gather all the necessary items and do shopping well in advance
8. Prepare as much as possible
9. Have fun and don’t forget to clean up your trash

Once you have decided your restaurant day concept and product with a great team it is time to do some marketing. Follow these 6 steps to make sure people find you.

6 Steps for Marketing Your Restaurant

1. Add your restaurant on the map here
2. Create a Facebook event and invite all your friends
3. Create an Instagram account and let people follow your journey to the actual day
4. Start using your hashtag and #heleats to showcase what you offer on social media
5. Tell all your friends about your awesome restaurant and ask them to share info on social media
6. Make your hashtag and #heleats visible in your restaurant so people can easily share what Helsinki eats

On our restaurant day article we feature our favorites for the coming restaurant days. We prefer the ones with good social media presence and by following the steps above you also have a chance to be featured here. If you think the six steps above are not suitable for you do consider using Instagram at least. We think Instagram is the best way to showcase your offering and delicacies yet only so few actually use Instagram. We want you to all consider opening an account for your pop-up restaurant or more easily just start using your own hashtag so people around the world can see what you offer and maybe even follow how you prepare for your special day. Using #heleats is an opportunity to get international visibility and together we can show the world what a great culinary destination Helsinki is. This is what we want to see more in the coming restaurant days.

Is restaurant day present in your city already? If not join the community and be the first one to open up a restaurant at your location. Restaurant day website welcomes you to list your restaurant on the website so people can find your restaurant.

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Featured image by Jussi Hellsten / Visit Helsinki